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What's in it for me?

Since October 1992, select local Restaurant owners and operators have enjoyed the benefits of their membership in ROC. The Restaurant Operator's Cooperative based in Albany, New York. ROC offers many benefits...but the single most important one is a level playing field. For years, chains have had superior buying power. Today, the buying power is back in the hands of the local Restaurant owner and operator through ROC. ROC's combined purchasing power exceeds 16 million dollars annually.

Most of the 130 plus ROC members enjoy double digit savings on purchases that feature national account pricing. ROC regularly audits our vendor partners to ensure price controls. ROC provides its members full transparency.

For those who prefer additional information, please submit a Questionnaire. If you are ready to enjoy immediate savings - Join ROC today. You will become a member...you will become an owner!


We are Restaurant Operators Cooperative. A food purchasing group started in 1992 with the sole purpose of saving the independent restaurant operator. We recognized many years ago that in order to compete with the ever growing number of chain restaurants we had to devise a way for independent restaurant operators to pool their purchasing power. By leveraging our combined purchases we have been able to negotiate national account pricing with manufactures, brokers and vendors.  Lower food costs and higher profit margins for our members is the primary way we achieve our goal of saving the independent restaurant operator.

ROC also has many other cost savings programs with non-food and beverage vendors that restaurants use.  We have contracts with credit card vendors, linen and uniform supply companies, paper products, dishwashing chemicals, janitorial supply, workers compensation and property insurance, kitchen equipment and many, many more.

Because we have a wide spectrum of programs and often multiple vendors within overlapping categories our diverse membership can easily achieve savings without sacrificing their unique identities.

The more programs you take advantage of the more money you can save on the things you already buy and use. Support of our programs also leads to greater negotiating power and even more savings for everyone. 


ROC negotiates directly with the vendors, manufacturers and distributors of the products and services we all use.  As you purchase from our approved programs you will be saving twice.

First will be our cost plus or off invoice pricing programs. Your price is pre-negotiated by ROC; you no longer have to “spreadsheet” your orders. The vendor’s margin is quite often fixed and cannot be deviated. ROC audits all our vendors to insure the integrity of these pricing programs. Off-invoice discounts are manufactures allowances that are deducted directly from your invoice line items.

Secondly, with each purchase from one of our approved vendors you will also accumulate rebates into your individual ROC Account.  The more programs you support the more rebates accumulate in your account.

Many of our programs offer additional savings such as - volume discounts, order size discounts, prompt-pay discounts, and/or participation incentives. That’s up to six different opportunities to save within our programs.


ROC operates as a cooperative. Every member receives a share of stock when they join. The board of 12 directors is elected by and from our existing membership. All board meetings are open and transparent to the entire membership.  Our integrity is recognized not only by our members but also by the vendor, manufacturer and distributor community.  ROC earns this respect because it is run by the membership and the membership actively participates in our partner programs.

ROC represents the members’ interest not the vendors’. We not only negotiate on your behalf, we are here to help you when you have problems with our vendors. Contact our office if you feel that a vendor is not treating you fairly, or you have an on-going issue that is not being tended to in an appropriate or timely fashion. The office is here to help you make the best of our programs.


Joining ROC is simple.  We have a short questionnaire and application that you can get directly from the ROC Office. Many of our vendors also have our application available upon request. . There is a non-refundable $100 application fee as well as a $500 membership fee.  With your membership you also receive a stock certificate that represents your vote at our annual meeting.

Once we have received your fees and reviewed your completed application we will invite you to come into one of our board meetings.  This will give us all an opportunity to ask and answer any questions that we may have.  You will also have a chance to see how the board works.

When your membership is approved we will contact all our vendors on your behalf.  They will in turn contact you to arrange your accounts to reflect your ROC membership.  The savings will start from there.

Remember, ROC is operated as a cooperative, so all accumulated rebates less operating expenses are redistributed back to the members annually.

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